A candidate must take at least 33 credits of graduate-level coursework. At least 16 of the 33 credits must be in courses offered by the program in health sciences.

Grade Points

An overall grade point average of B or higher is required for graduation. No more than 8 credits of any C grades will be counted toward the degree. No grade below C is acceptable for inclusion in the 33 credit requirement. Up to 8 credits of graduate coursework may be transferred with departmental approval.

Required Courses

Core courses provide an advanced study of human physiology while drawing together basic knowledge and skills in practical and applied contexts. To supplement core courses, you can attend seminars in specialized areas. We also encourage you to draw liberally from other offerings in human biology at BU to satisfy your own objectives. The department supports didactic and practical experience at agencies and institutions of higher learning outside of BU. Visit our Curriculum page for a list of required courses.

Electives: Depending on whether you choose to write a thesis or scholarly paper, the curriculum includes up to 12 hours of elective graduate courses.

For students interested in enhancing their credentials in athletic training, please review the specific course requirements for the athletic training concentration.

Additional Requirements

Candidates for the Master’s degree can complete the MS degree requirements in one of the following ways:

Scholarly Paper (one-year option): This option appeals to students who want to bolster their knowledge in physiology but do not necessarily intend to pursue a career in research. With good planning, it is  possible to complete the MS degree in one academic year. Students electing to complete a scholarly paper must determine a topic area with their advisor. Specific details regarding the scholarly paper are addressed in the departmental graduate student manual.

Master’s Thesis (two-year option): An option for those who are exploring the possibility of a career in research, whether in academia or industry. This plan requires experimental work and therefore usually takes two years. Students electing to complete a master’s thesis to fulfill their degree requirements must formulate a mutual agreement with a departmental research advisor who is expert on the subject and willing to closely supervise the effort.