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Specialization in Nutrition

A nutrition track within the PhD in Human Physiology is available for those students wishing to specialize in nutrition. Dissertation research will be conducted under the supervision of nutrition faculty within the Department of Health Science. Applicants for the nutrition track will follow the general admission and degree requirements outlined for the PhD in Human Physiology, with the following modifications:

Undergraduate Prerequisites

  • Biology
  • Physiology
  • Statistics


Core Courses Post BA/BS Credits
SPH BS 704 Introduction to Biostatistics (3 credits) 3
SAR HS 750 Analysis of Physiological Literature 4
> plus four (4) of the following:
SAR HS 542 Exercise Physiology 4
SAR HS 581 Gross Human Anatomy 4
SAR HS 582 Neuroanatomy/Neurophysiology 4
SAR HS 575 Cardiopulmonary Pathophysiology 4
CAS BI 552 Molecular Biology I 4
CAS BI 553 Molecular Biology II 4
SAR HS 783 Metabolic Regulation
Core (credits) 24
Specialization (credits) 16
SAR HS 905 Research (credits) 23
Total 63

Specialization (16 credit hours)

SAR HS 551 Human Nutrition Science 4
SAR HS 561 Life Cycle Nutrition 4
SAR HS 742 Nutrition for Disease Prevention 4
SAR HS 776 Nutrition Epidemiology 4
Total Specialization credits 16