I’m interested in obtaining my doctorate. How do I know if this program is the best one for me?

The most important factor to consider when choosing your doctoral program is the faculty member who will serve as your mentor. Your mentor will be your role model who will assist you in all aspects of your graduate education, including selecting courses, developing your research plan, and assisting in the development of your writing and presentation skills. You will spend 4–7 years working closely with this person, focusing on a specific area of science. We encourage you to look closely at the research coming out of the labs of our faculty: look at their web pages, do a Medline search on their papers, look at where they publish. When you have identified a mentor with whom you’d like to work, feel free to contact him or her to learn more about research in their lab. At that point, you can be certain that you have chosen a good match.

What are the options for financial support for Human Physiology students?

Accepted doctoral students receive five years of fellowship support, to include tuition and academic fees, individual health coverage through the University’s student medical insurance plan, and a stipend of $30,000 (based on 2013-14) per calendar year.  Funding will come from a combination of doctoral research assistantships, teaching fellowships, a service-free fellowship, or a combination of these options.  Continuation of the initial year of funding will depend on making satisfactory academic progress in the doctoral program.

How do I apply?

You must apply online using the BU Online Application for Graduate Admissions. Please pay particular attention to the Special Instructions section and the requirements specific to Human Physiology applicants.