“Can I study abroad with a Human Physiology major?”

YES! Many of our students engage in study abroad programs. We currently have seven programs, three of which are designed to coincide with the fall semester of your sophomore year. The three sophomore options are the Dresden, Germany; Grenoble, France; and Madrid, Spain science programs. Each program is specifically designed for Human Physiology majors; you will take your regularly scheduled classes plus a language class. This is a wonderful opportunity to live and study in Europe!

A fourth option for study abroad is the Auckland, New Zealand program. This program differs from the others because you are able to fulfill your internship requirement along with other classes that correspond to your curriculum during junior year. There are many exciting internship placements available in Auckland that range from being a researcher in clinical trials on national projects to working with children with cerebral palsy. Regardless of which health profession interests you, there is something for everyone.

Additionally, there is our Psychology and Health Science program in London, England. This program has an internship component and is perfect for a psychology minor. Courses include CAS MA 113 Elementary Statistics, SAR HP 522 Health and Wellness Through the Lifespan: Social Welfare and Community Care, and HS 410 Field Experience in Human Physiology. The London program can be taken anytime during junior and senior year.

You can also study in Dublin, Ireland or Sydney, Australia where you can fulfill your internship requirement along with other courses in the Human Physiology major.

For more information on our programs, please visit pre-health study abroad programs.