Minimum Requirements

The minimum requirements to enter the junior year are 64 credits, a minimum GPA of 2.0, and the successful completion of the required courses (or transfer equivalents) specified in the freshman and sophomore curriculum. A course will not be accepted for external transfer if the grade is lower than a C. (A grade of C- is not acceptable.)

The minimum requirements for matriculation into the senior year are 96 credits and successful completion of the required and professional courses (or equivalents) specified in the junior year curriculum. A minimum of 128 credits is required for graduation. Each course in the specified curriculum must be successfully completed and included in the 128 credits.

A cumulative grade point average of 2.0 must be achieved for graduation. This GPA must represent a record that contains no more than 12 credits of D grades. A student may repeat a course only once to meet this requirement.

Once accepted into the BSHS program, you are eligible for an accelerated five-year Bachelor of Science and Master of Public Health degree offered in conjunction with BU School of Public Health.

Core courses

The first two years of your Health Science program will include your core courses in the biological and chemical sciences, including course options in anatomy, physiology, neurobiology, and genetics.  You’ll also take core courses in the humanities and health care systems.

(Note: If you plan to apply to a degree program in medicine or dentistry, or pursue a career as a physician assistant, you’ll take an alternate sequence of basic science courses.)


The four-year curriculum allows for eight. You can use them to go deeper into a specific health discipline or to complete prerequisite courses for specific graduate programs. On the other hand, you can simply explore other interests in any BU school or college—theater, French, creative writing—you name it.

Hands-on experience

It starts in your freshman year and never stops. You’ll gain outstanding experience in Sargent College’s clinical education centers and research facilities, observing, assisting, working with clients, and developing your skills.


Many students say it’s the best part of a Sargent College education—and ours may be the best program at Sargent College. During your final year, you’ll complete a full-semester internship at one of many health care sites in the Boston area or choose an internship-study abroad program in Washington, DC, or overseas.