Practice briefs are a growing library of quick-reference materials that can and should be incorporated into your clinical practice. Each brief will provide a summary of the pertinent details of each technique and rationale for its use in practice. The intention is for clinicians and educators to print and post them for quick reference by any and all colleagues.

Available Practice Briefs:

When does an individual who has sustained an acute ankle or foot injury need imaging? References
How should football face masks be removed to minimize cervical spine movement and provide quick access for airway management? References

Practice Briefs Editor:

    Sara Brown, MS, ATC | Director, Programs in Athletic Training | Boston University

      Peer Reviewers:

      • John Parsons, PhD, ATC, AT/L  |  A.T. Still University
      • Kim Terrell, MS, ATC  |  University of Oregon
      • Sarah Manspeaker, PhD, ATC  |  Texas Christian University

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