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Department of Health Sciences

Department Chair:

Associate Professor Paula A. Quatromoni, DSc, RD

Why do muscles enlarge from a workout and atrophy from certain diseases? Why do strokes occur? What happens inside your brain when you hear or walk or remember? How can eating disorders be treated? What are the latest findings on autism? The hottest topics in neuroscience?

Our Health Sciences department has answers to a dizzying range of questions. It’s the largest department at BU Sargent College, with the broadest range of programs and career possibilities. From here you can go practically anywhere: clinical practice, research, or academia; public sector or private industry; directly into a career or on to a graduate program or medical school. Wherever you go, you’ll take a strong scientific background and a keen competitive edge with you.

If you’re looking for outstanding research opportunities, this is the place. With more than two million in outside funding each year, our faculty and students pursue new discoveries and treatments in dozens of areas, from molecular physiology to cognition processing to what triggers preterm labor.

Our projects are often interdisciplinary because the interests of our growing faculty are, too. Many hold joint appointments in BU’s Medical Campus departments. Three are currently serving on NIH peer review committees.

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Diane Wadman
Assistant to the Chair, Department of Health Sciences

Health Science
Kelsey Berdeguez
Senior Program Coordinator, Health Science Program

Human Physiology
Danka Charland
Assistant to the Director, Human Physiology Programs