Applications for May 2019 enrollment accepted beginning June 28, 2018.

It’s medicine, sports, and the human body. It’s working in emergency situations like acute, on-field injury management. It’s building relationships with patients who are rehabilitating from injuries, whether acute or after surgery.

A career in athletic training lets you combine your interests—including a passion for helping people—with a variety of roles and work settings. It also offers a great employment outlook. If that’s what you want in a career, what should you look for in an educational program?

Interactions with physicians in every setting

That means not only on the field, but in the classroom, the operating room, the emergency room, the athletic training room, and the clinic. You’ll learn extensively from physicians, preparing for a career where collaboration with medical professionals is critical.

The newest AT practices from the latest research

As you might expect, we emphasize evidence-based practice at BU. We teach what’s most current, drawn from research—some of which happens here at Sargent College. Our students have the opportunity to assist at research labs right in our building.

Your clinical experience starts early and never stops

Our professional Master of Science in Athletic Training is a rigorous, two-year, full-time program. Year one emphasizes classroom learning – and clinical experiences are included throughout this first year to connect classroom knowledge with real-world practice. With more than 15 sites in the Boston area, students gain experience in patient care under the guidance our outstanding preceptors.

Year two begins with a full-time supervised clinical experience starting in August. Students then return to the classroom for approximately six additional weeks of dedicated classroom instruction. The program culminates with a second full-time clinical experience during the spring semester, with students gathering for a final two weeks of capstone experiences before graduating in May.

Dynamic opportunities to get involved

Our students have presented papers to major conferences, interned with the Buffalo Bills, and gained experience with BU’s nationally ranked ice hockey teams. Our students have sponsored a nationwide conference of athletic training student volunteers for the Boston Marathon. We’ve sent students to help provide athletic training services in underserved city schools. And we’ve sent faculty and students to Washington in support of key legislation.


Visit our Graduate Programs page for information on how to apply as well as tuition and fees. You can also contact us at at or email Program Director Sara Brown, MS, ATC to schedule a virtual meeting.