How to apply?

Applicants can apply to the DPT program using the Physical Therapy Centralized Application Service.

Is the deadline a rolling deadline?

No. The most recent hard deadline can be found on the PTCAS website under Boston University’s program-specific page.

Is a bachelor’s degree required for admission?

Yes, completion of a bachelor’s degree in any field besides physical therapy is required, along with completion of the prerequisite coursework and admission requirements.

May I still have prerequisite courses in progress at the time of application?

Yes, you may still have prerequisite courses in session when you apply, but all courses must be completed prior to the program start date. We ask that you not have more than 2 outstanding prerequisite courses during the spring semester of the year you intend to enroll. You may use the academic update through PTCAS to inform our program of your fall course completions and grades.

May I take the prerequisite courses at a community college or online?

Yes, community college and online course credit from an accredited institution are acceptable. Only courses that do not include a lab component may be taken online.

Are interviews required?

No, we do not require interviews. Your admission is based solely on the contents of your application. We invite all accepted students to attend an information session in February.

What is the minimum prerequisite GPA? May I retake any prerequisite courses to obtain a better grade?

The minimum combined prerequisite GPA is 3.0. You may take prerequisite courses over and we will always accept the highest grade. For the last few years, the average prerequisite GPA has been higher than a 3.5.

What is the best way for me to be able to verify if a course I took will count as a prerequisite course?

You can email any course descriptions to pt@bu.edu for approval from the admissions chair.

Are the GREs required?

No, GRE scores are not required for admission to the DPT program. Any GRE scores received by the program will not be considered by the admissions committee.

When does the program begin?

The DPT program begins the last week in May each year. All prerequisite and undergraduate coursework must be complete by the start of the program. You can inquire about this year’s start date by emailing pt@bu.edu or calling 617-353-2720.

Is the program full-time?

Yes, the program is a three-year, full-time, on-campus program.

What is the average class size of the program?

We aim for a total class size of 70 students.

Where can I find out information on financial aid and tuition?

Janet Turner is the Assistant Director of Graduate Financial Aid for Sargent College. Her contact information is 617-353-7477, jmt98@bu.edu. More information on tuition and financial aid is available on the Sargent College website.

Does the DPT program host an open house?

We encourage you to arrange a tour of our program and our facilities by calling 617-353-2720.

How can I request a tour?

College tours and meetings can be scheduled through the Senior Program Coordinator at 617-353-2720. You may sit in on a class, if one is available, and take a tour of the facilities.

Is it possible to speak with a current student in the program?

Current students answer the pt@bu.edu email address and are happy to answer any questions you might have for them.

Do you accept transfer credits?

No, we do not accept transfer credits from other PT programs.

How will I know if my application has been received?

Once you have applied to the Boston University Physical Therapy program through the PTCAS system, you can track your progress through their website.

When will I know if I am accepted?

Accepted applicants will be notified in writing by mid-February.

Is there an application fee?

Yes, there is an application fee associated with the PTCAS application process. Please see their website for further information. There is no supplemental application or additional application fee required for Boston University’s Physical Therapy Program.