BS/MSOT Professional Program (Two Years)*

*Please note: The new BS program in Behavior and Health has replaced the undergraduate program in Therapeutic Studies (BS/MSOT). Contact us for updated information about this program.

The 2-year professional portion of the BS/MSOT program will prepare you to be an excellent practitioner and a leader in a wide variety of occupational therapy settings. During these two years, you’ll integrate what you’ve learned in your foundation courses with new concepts and a variety of weekly fieldwork experiences. Then, after completing the coursework, you’ll be ready for 24 weeks of in-depth fieldwork, where you’ll develop knowledge, skills and confidence that can only be acquired through practice.

To enter the professional program at the beginning of your senior year, you must have 96 credits and a 2.7 cumulative grade point average. Once you begin this program, you must meet all the academic standards and requirements of the Master of Science in Occupational Therapy program. Your cumulative GPA for the MSOT portion of the program will include only those courses that are part of the professional curriculum.

You’ll receive your Bachelor of Science degree in Therapeutic Studies at the end of your fourth (senior) year, after you’ve completed a minimum of 128 credits.

More questions?

Please see our many helpful PDF downloads on the right side-bar including our BS/MSOT Information Booklet (10+ pages of information), Virtual Tour (BU Sargent College classrooms and facilities), and Meet Our Faculty (faculty expertise and interests). If you have further questions, please contact BU Undergraduate Admissions or an Academic Counselor at BU Sargent College’s Academic Services Center ( or 617-353-2713).