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Program matches SAR dietitians, MED students to collaborate on care

(10/20/14) The Dietetic Intern/Medical Student Match Program brings together Sargent College dietitians to practice nutrition counseling and School of Medicine students to learn about the role dietitians play in patient care. “There’s no downside to this,” Salge Blake says. “It’s been really eye-opening to see such positive results.” View Full BU Today... More “You’re Nuts If You’re Not Eating Nuts”

(10/16/14) Clinical Associate Professor Joan Salge Blake looks at new research. View Full Article.

WBZ: “High Tech Gadgets Help Moderate Food Intake”

(10/16/14) Clinical Associate Professor Joan Salge Blake interviewed by CBS Boston. Expert Quote: “It is going to take 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain that you are full, and if you are eating so rapidly, you could over eat and take in more calories than you really need to... More

SAR Dean’s Hosts Featured in Daily Free Press

(10/16/14) SAR juniors Fiona Egan and Danny Sarkis talk to The Daily Free Press about their experience as Dean's Hosts. “I became a Dean’s Host because I absolutely love Sargent College, and I want to share that with prospective students...We have the opportunity to share all that Sargent has to offer... More

Lewis to Receive UROP Outstanding Mentor Award

Cara Lewis, assistant professor in the Department of Physical Therapy & Athletic Training, has been chosen to receive the Outstanding Mentor Award from the Boston University Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP). Lewis is one of three 2014-2015 professors selected for this honor, based on undergraduate student nominations. The 17th Annual Undergraduate... More

Kiran Named “50 on Fire” Nominee

Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences Professor Swathi Kiran has been nominated by BostInno magazine as one of the top 10 “Fifty on Fire” in the healthcare category. Kiran was honored for her work with Constant Therapy, a company providing personalized, iPad-based therapy for individuals with traumatic brain injury, stroke, aphasia... More “Can an Apple a Day Keep Obesity at Bay?”

(10/7/14) Clinical Associate Professor Joan Salge Blake looks at new research. View Full Article.

WXFT: “The benefits of apples”

(10/7/14) Clinical Associate Professor Joan Salge Blake interviewed by View Video.

Quatromoni Receives Excellence in Teaching Award

Associate Professor Paula Quatromoni was honored with the Excellence in Teaching Award from Boston University School of Public Health (BUSPH) on September 30, 2014. Quatromoni holds dual appointments in Sargent's Department of Health Sciences and the Department of Epidemiology at BUSPH. View full announcement        

ASHA Leader: “Destination First Grant”

(10/1/14) Dean Chris Moore offers 10 key milestones on the grant application journey. View Full Article.