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BU Today: “Eager to Work”

(7/1/14) Associate Professor Susan McGurk has developed a program that is helping adults with severe mental illnesses find and keep jobs. View Full Article.

BU Today: “Can You Tell Which Child Has ADHD?”

(7/7/14) Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Sciences Jason Bohland believes brain imaging could better predict the presence or absence of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). View Full Article. “Would You Try Gardening to Beat Cancer?”

(7/7/14) Clinical Associate Professor and featured blogger Joan Salge Blake weighs in on new research. View Full Article. “6 weird things that happen to food before you buy it”

(7/5/14) Clinical Associate Professor Joan Salge Blake quoted. Expert quote: “Whether farm-raised or wild, there are so many benefits of eating salmon, namely its rich source of omega 3 fatty acids that we don’t get enough of.” View Full Article. “Drink up to cool down in the heat”

(7/1/14) Clinical Associate Professor and featured blogger Joan Salge Blake explains why you need to drink more fluids in the hot weather. View Full Article. “Sweeten up the grill for a nutritious summer”

(6/30/14) Clinical Associate Professor and featured blogger Joan Salge Blake offers tips for grilling fruits and how to incorporate them into your meal. View Full Article.

WGBH: “The Curious Case of the Disappearing Hard ‘G’: Does Jim Braude Pronounce Margery Eagan’s Name Wrong?”

(6/27/14) Assistant Professor Tyler Perrachione quoted. Expert Quote: "If you have an expectation you’re going to hear a hard ‘G,’ it might change the way you actually perceive that sound.” View Full Article.

BlogTalkRadio: “Aphasia : Understanding Neuroplasticity and Language Treatments”

(6/20/14) Professor and Director of BU's Aphasia Research Laboratory Swathi Kiran interviewed. Listen to Audio.

Los Angeles Times: “Walk now to walk through arthritis later”

(6/17/14) New research featured from Daniel White, research assistant professor in the Department of Physical Therapy & Athletic Training. Expert quote: “Currently, there are no cures for osteoarthritis. And there’s no real cure for the pain.” View Full Article.

NECN: “Paleo diet study”

(6/26/14) Clinical Associate Professor Joan Salge Blake talks to New England Cable News about new research. View Video.