Distinguished Lectures and Events

The Dudley Allen Sargent Distinguished Lecture Series began in 1999 when the College celebrated 70 years since being tendered to Boston University. In honor of our founder, Dudley Allen Sargent, MD, these lectures offer the Boston University, Sargent College, and Boston area communities the opportunity to interact with leading researchers and practitioners in the health and rehabilitation fields.

About Dudley Allen Sargent: An innovator in physical conditioning, Dr. Sargent sought to improve the health of individuals and the nation by founding the Sargent School of Physical Training in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1881.  His mission was to provide students with comprehensive health care training “to fortify well people; to strengthen the weak; and to restore the disabled to more normal function.”

During the decades that followed, Dr. Sargent built his reputation as a pioneer in the integration of physical training with scientific principles, and he was a leader in the field of preventative medicine. Dr. Sargent also helped to establish the American Association for the Advancement of Physical Education and the Boston Health Education League.

Watch Past Dudley Allen Sargent Lectures

The Meredith E. Drench Lectureship Fund, Sargent College’s first endowed lecture series, was established by physical therapy alumna Dr. Meredith E. Drench to share her passion and belief in the “compassionate rehabilitation” of the whole person.

WATCH: 2018 Meredith E. Drench Lecture, “Thirty Million Words: A Public Health Approach to Early Childhood Education” presented by Dr. Dana Suskind.

About Meredith E. Drench:  Meredith E. Drench, PhD, PT, was a behavioral specialist whose work bridged the fields of physical rehabilitation and psychosocial behavioral sciences. The founding director of Adaptive Health Associates, Inc., Dr. Drench worked with companies, agencies, health care facilities, and universities, emphasizing communication, ethical empowerment, and collaboration. Addressing sensitive issues, she involved participants and created a supportive pathway to learning.

Dr. Drench published numerous articles, was a contributing author to four books, and wrote two books about health professionals: Psychosocial Aspects of Health Care and Red Ribbons Are Not Enough.

This lecture series honors the legacy of Dr. Drench and continues her mission of education and advocacy, focusing on the psychosocial aspects of rehabilitation.

Watch Past Meredith E. Drench Lectures

On Thursday, September 17, Sargent College hosted a  free, informative, all-day virtual conference, “Health Matters”, focused on innovative research and clinical approaches in health & rehabilitation. Topics included communication neuroscience, concussion management, obesity, nutrition, child development, and more.

The entire conference is available online. Watch now.