Aphasia Resource Center Life Participation Group Fundraiser – 12/6/13

The Life Participation Group from the Aphasia Resource Center has been working hard this semester practicing life skills in an interprofessional treatment group. All group members are brain-injury survivors who now struggle to communicate and return to work for various reasons.

This semester, group members chose the culminating theme of a fundraiser as a way to increase awareness of aphasia and practice meeting new people. They have created and made several items which reflect their hobbies and interests.

Please stop by on December 6th, in the Sargent Lobby from 11:30-12:30, meet our members, and learn about their journey.  Also, please bring your wallets as you may be inspired to purchase one of their items!  Items are priced to sell ranging from $1 for coffee and cookies, to $20 for wall calendars.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow and thank you in advance for your support.