International Service Learning Program in Ghana – Now Accepting Applications

The Sargent Service Learning Program offers our students a unique opportunity to participate in faculty led service-learning experiences which promote health education, empower communities, and cultivate educated compassionate global citizens.

Students will have the opportunity to leverage their classroom knowledge to assist health care providers and community health workers in delivering basic healthcare needs to an underserved community. This program is open to BOTH undergraduate and graduate students of Sargent College interested in putting their healthcare skills to work in a developing country.

Program Details

Program Dates: May 24th – June 7th 2014 (2 weeks)

Cost: $3,000 all inclusive (flight, transportation, meals, lodging, excursions). Fundraising & scholarship information is available.

Accommodations: Students will stay in a hostel with faculty and staff.

Application: Students must complete applications by February 1st.  Applications can be picked up and dropped off outside of Sargent Room 418. You can also download an application here.

Questions? Contact us.

Anna Monahan, Lecturer, Human Physiology Program
Shelley Brown, Clinical Assistant Professor, Health Science Program