Boston University Medical Campus (BUMC) Public Safety Department

The Public Safety Department provides services and support to the Boston University schools of Medicine, Dental Medicine, and Public Health, and to the Boston Medical Center. The mission of the department is to provide a safe and secure environment for employees, patients, staff, students, and visitors while minimizing the opportunity for loss of personal and institutional assets. The 125 members of the Public Safety Department are involved in a continuous training program that addresses all relevant aspects of policing and all aspects of Medical Campus operations. Several members of the department are Special Police Officers and, as such, have the power of police officers to make arrests, preserve order, and enforce laws and ordinances in and around the Boston University Medical Campus (BUMC).

The department’s Investigations Unit is the liaison between the Medical Campus and all external law enforcement agencies. The Investigations Unit also assists agencies responsible for Head of State and Dignitary Protection on Medical Campus property.

The Investigations Unit actively participates in BUMC Public Safety Department crime prevention programs through presentations at student and employee orientations, at departmental meetings, and with the distribution of crime prevention material. The unit also assists with the coordination of safety awareness programs offered to members of the Medical Campus. The Investigations Unit will provide security surveys and personal protection safety plans when needed.

The Public Safety Department reports to the Executive Director of Public Safety, who reports directly to the Vice President for Administrative Services (617-353-6500). Please address any complaint concerning the Public Safety Department to the Director Constance L. Packard or call 617-638-4935.