Declare a major or minor in RS (French, Italian, Linguistics, Spanish)

There are two independent steps for declaring a major or minor in Romance Studies. The first is to officially declare it with your college, and the second is to sign up for an advisor assignment. Once you have officially declared a major or minor, we will contact you about an advisor assignment, but you can also sign up for an advisor before the official declaration makes it to us (or if you have questions you would like to discuss before deciding to declare). Note that signing up for an advisor does not constitute officially declaring a major or minor, that is still something that needs to be submitted to the college.

If you are a CAS student, you need to complete the CAS Major/Minor declaration form, in order to declare (or change) your major or minor. If you are a student in another college, you should follow the instructions from your own college for declaring or changing a minor.

If you are declaring a major or a minor within Romance Studies, or if you want to meet with an “unofficial advisor” to answer questions about the major or minor in the department, you can request an advisor on the RSadvising site.

If you are a student in a college other than CAS, the following Hegis codes might be useful when filling out a minor declaration form: