Why Major or Minor in French Studies, Italian Studies, Linguistics, or Spanish?

The major in French Studies gives students intimate knowledge of a language spoken by an estimated 200 million people, with significant populations in 54 countries. As with Spanish, the study of French language, literature and culture, acquaints students with one of the world’s great literary and cultural traditions, and introduces them to the encounter between European cultures and those of other parts of the world.

Majors and minors in Italian Studies acquire deep knowledge of one of Europe’s oldest and richest cultural traditions, extending from Dante to the present. Given the greatness of Italy’s artistic traditions, the study of Italian combines usefully with that of music and the fine arts, and gives students insight into a major component of modern North American culture.

Linguistics majors study the nature, structure, and function of language, “both as a fundamental human faculty and as a changing social institution” (Linguistic Society of America). An undergraduate major in Linguistics is excellent preparation for a wide variety of jobs and for continued study in many related disciplines. You’ll find more information on the CAS Linguistics website.  The CAS Linguistics Program is located at 621 Commonwealth Avenue.

Spanish majors explore the literature, culture, film and language spoken by an estimated 322 to 400 million people worldwide. A knowledge of Spanish — and of the cultures of Spain and Latin America — is of great importance in the U.S., where over 28 million people report speaking Spanish as a native language in their homes. With its origins in the multicultural Spain of the Middle Ages, literature written in Spanish is one of the world’s greatest traditions.

Majors and minors in Spanish, French Studies, or Italian Studies can be combined with the study of Linguistics and of a wide range of subjects, from Art History to the Sciences. Consult with the RS faculty or with our Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Major and minor concentrations are offered in:

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