Susan Dorff

Susan Dorff
Lecturer in French (Retired)
BA, Webster College
MA, New York University
Diplôme d’Etudes, Université de Paris (France)

Ms. Dorff has been teaching French at Boston University since 1982. She was chiefly responsible for developing the curriculum of the French Reading Sequence designed for students who are motivated for personal or pre-professional reasons to learn to read French and those for whom the pressure of oral performance is the major obstacle to successful language learning. This alternative sequence is neither intrinsically easier nor more difficult than the four-skills sequence and equally fulfills the CAS foreign language requirement. Ms Dorff is currently coordinator of LF 111, First Semester French. She oversees classes, instructors and curriculum. She and the LF 112 coordinator recently adopted the video-based textbook published in France by Hachette, REFLETS, for the first-year language program at BU.