Rodrigo Lopes de Barros

Assistant Professor of Spanish and Portuguese,
Latin American Studies, Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies
718 Commonwealth Avenue, Room 201A
BA, Federal University of Santa Catarina (Brazil)
MA, Federal University of Santa Catarina (Brazil)
PhD, University of Texas at Austin

Research and Teaching

Rodrigo Lopes de Barros has a B.A. in Law and an M.A. in Literary Theory from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (Brazil). He did his PhD at The University of Texas at Austin specializing in Caribbean and Brazilian studies. His research interests include the relations between ethnography and literature, theory of modernity in Latin America, avant-garde cinema and contemporary art in Cuba and Brazil.

Lopes de Barros’ articles on Brazilian and Cuban studies have appeared in Comparative Literature Studies, Alea: Estudos Neolatinos, Outra Travessia, and other journals. His short stories have been published in literary magazines and newspapers such as O Estado de São Paulo (Estadão) and Livro, USP. As an editor, he co-organized the translation and publication of several contemporary intellectuals into Portuguese through Editora Cultura e Barbárie.

To listen to a radio interview in Spanish of Rodrigo Lopes de Barros talking about his research on Brazilian and Cuban art, and commenting questions concerning the artistic views of Ramón Alejandro and Francisco Brennand about the tropical nature and landscape of Brazil and the Caribbean, click here.