Aline Livni

Aline Livni
Lecturer in French (Retired)
BA, Bar-Ilan University (Israel)
EdM, Bar-Ilan University (Israel)
EdM, Boston University

Ms. Livni is a native speaker of French whose extensive travels and teaching experience have provided her with a deep, first-hand understanding of second language acquisition, both practical and theoretical. She served as overall coordinator for French for six years and for three years taught LL 699, a methodology class for graduate students. She has also taught and coordinated LF 111, 112, 305, and 306, and she currently coordinates LF 303 and 304. Additionally, Ms Livni created and teaches a course on French civilization (LF 340), conveying France’s rich cultural heritage, symbols, and institutions through up-to-date articles, text, and media.

Ms Livni has served as Resident Director of the Study Abroad Programs in Paris and Grenoble.