Adela E. Pineda

Adela E. Pineda

Associate Professor of Spanish
(On sabbatical for Academic Year 2014/2015)

BA, Universidad de la Américas (Mexico)
MA, University of Texas
PhD, University of Texas

Research and Teaching

Professor Pineda’s research interests focus on nineteenth- and twentieth-century Spanish American literature, culture, and film and on the relationship between politics and culture.  She is the author of Geopolíticas de la cultura finisecular en Buenos Aires, París y México: las revistas literarias y el modernismo, a book on the transatlantic literary practices of modernista authors.

She has also co-edited four volumes:  with Leticia Brauchli, Hacia el país del mezcal, a medley of American travel accounts about Mexico; with Ignacio Sánchez Prado, Alfonso Reyes y los estudios latinoamericanos, a collection of critical essays that examine this distinguished Mexican humanist’s thought within the context of contemporary theory, with Jimena Obregón Iturra, Cinéma et turbulences politiques en Amérique Latine, a collection of critical essays on cinema and politics in Latin America, published by Prenses Universitares de Rennes in France, and with Jaime Marroquín and Magdalena Mieri, Open Borders to a Revolution, a book centering on the impact of the Mexican Revolution in U.S.-Mexico relations (in Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press).

Professor Pineda was awarded a grant by the US-Mexico Fund for Culture and the Rockefeller Foundation, and was a member of the Sistema Nacional de Investigadores (SNI) in Mexico (1999-2001).  She has held the Chair of the Americas at the University of Rennes in France, and has been a visiting professor at Brown University and M.I.T.  Among the courses she teaches are those on nineteenth-century Spanish American literature; Latin American Modernismo; Mexico City in Film and Literature; and the cultural manifestations of the Mexican Revolution. She is also a faculty member in the Latin American Studies Program at Boston University.

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