PhD in Hispanic Language and Literatures

PhD in Hispanic Language and Literatures

The doctoral program seeks to provide students with thorough professional preparation in a  selected field of study. It allows students to conduct original research and to acquire critical skills in evaluating and using research materials. It also gives them experience in the acquisition, interpretation and communication of knowledge.

Financial support:
The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and the Department of Romance Studies guarantee five full years of financial support for PhD students who maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress.

The requirements include:

  • A near-native command of written and spoken Spanish
  • Eight courses on Hispanic literatures and cultural studies at the 500-level or above, beyond those required for the M.A. degree
  • Successful completion of the written Qualifying Examination sequence
  • Successful completion and of the Oral Examination
  • Successful completion and defense of the Doctoral Dissertation

General Optimal Timetable to Completion:

Following is a general optimal timetable for the completion of the PhD*, based on post-BA entry.

  • During the first year, all students must take and pass 8 approved courses.
  • During the second year, students continue their coursework and complete the departmental pedagogy sequence.
  • By the end of the third year, students must have completed the sequence of written Qualifying examinations.
  • During the fall of the fourth year, students complete their Oral Examination.
  • Student are expected to have an approved Dissertation prospectus by the end of the fourth year.
  • Under GRS guidelines, students are allowed until the end of their seventh year to complete and defend their dissertations. Students who will not meet this deadline must file a petition for extension of time to complete PhD requirements.

Throughout their studies, all students are encouraged to apply for appropriate external fellowship and professional development opportunities, including existing departmental programs in Buenos Aires, Burgos, and Madrid.

Follow these links to read more about our Faculty, learn more about the admission process and fellowship support, get to know the Department of Romance Studies, or view a list of resources for current graduate students.

* This schedule applies to students who began their first year at BU in September 2013 or later.