Advanced Spanish Language Courses Spring 2014



The Department of Romance Studies calls your attention to a new series of 300-level language courses that explore Spanish and Latin American literature, arts and culture. Please see the complete descriptions on the Student Link and on the Department of Romance Studies website: under ‘Advanced Spanish Language Courses Spring 2014′.  

CAS LS 306 Translation. Advanced Spanish language through the analysis of the theory and practice of translation as a catalyst of cultural transfer. Taught in Spanish. 

CAS LS 307 Literature and the Arts. Advanced Spanish language through the analysis of literature in its relations to the arts: music, painting, dance, performance.

CAS  LS 308 Spanish Film and Media. Advanced Spanish language through the analysis of the film and media of the Spanish-speaking world: cinema, the internet, and social media. 

CAS LS 310  Spanish for the Professions. Advanced Spanish language through the study of intercultural professional communication, acquisition of specialized vocabulary. Topic for Spring 2014: The Language of Business. Cultural and linguistic competence in business-oriented settings. Not open to students for whom Spanish is a first language.  Elizabeth Lozano


ELIGIBILITY:   Prerequisite: CAS LS 212 or any of the following: 1) a score of  4 on the AP Spanish language exam;  (2) a Spanish SAT II test score of 560 or higher; or (3) a Placement Test score of 511 or above. A student with a placement test score of 670 or above, however, should consult the Head of the Spanish Language Program, Mildred Basker-Seigel, at 718 Commonwealth Ave, Room 202C, 617-353-6239, to insure correct placement.

*Only two LS 300-level Spanish language courses can be taken for credit.
*If you have already taken LS303 + LS304 or LS 303 + LS 305, you cannot take any of  these courses (LS 306-LS 310) for credit.
*These courses do not have to be taken in order, sequentially. They are on the same level.
*NOT open to students for whom Spanish is a first language. LS 309-Spanish for Heritage Speakers is offered in the spring and is only open to students for whom Spanish is a first language or who do not claim a Hispanic background, but who have grown up more or less bilingually, affording them fluency and knowledge of the language.
*With an AP 5 on the Spanish Language exam you have received credit for one 300- level Spanish Language course. You are allowed to take one more of these Spanish Language courses.
*An AP 5 or one 300-level Spanish Language course is also the prerequisite for the next level up, LS 350, which is an introductory course in Spanish and Latin American literature.

Consult the Spanish section of the Placement Exam Information page: as well as CAS Language Requirements: for further explanation regarding AP,  SAT II and Spanish Placement Test scores.

Note to majors and minors: You may count up to two 300-level language courses toward the Major in Hispanic Language and Literatures and the Minor in Spanish. The 300-level courses are LS 303, 304, 305, 306, 307, 308, 309, and 310. If you have already taken two of these, you cannot take an additional one for the major or minor.

For questions about these courses, please contact the instructors or Mildred Basker-Seigel, Head of the Spanish Language Program For questions about the major or minor, please consult your advisor.