All courses emphasize oral communication and develop listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills.

Sequence of Spanish Language Courses:

Beginning 1st semester LS 111
2nd semester LS 112
Intermediate 3rd semester LS 211
4th semester LS 212
Advanced 5th semester LS 306, LS 307, LS 308, LS 310, LS 311**
**Any two of these courses may be taken for credit in any order. They are all equivalent.  Students may take up to two 300-level Spanish language courses (LS306,LS307,LS308,LS310,LS311) before moving on to higher levels. Any combination of two 300-level courses may be taken for credit, provided the two courses have different course numbers; repeating a course with the same number is not allowed.

LS 309 Spanish for Heritage Speakers is offered in the spring and is only open to students
for whom Spanish is a first language who would benefit from a grammar and a writing review. It is also for students who do not claim a Hispanic background but who have grown up more or less bilingually, and / or have lived part of their lives in Spanish-speaking settings, affording them fluency in the language.



Course Offerings for Spanish language and literature courses

Note: Students are responsible for checking the course prerequisites.

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