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STARTALK Portuguese Teacher Training (PTT) program: now accepting applications

May 8th, 2012 in News, News Spring 2012

Please visit the Resources section of our website for more information regarding the STARTALK Portuguese Teacher Training (PTT) program.

Sophia Mizouni Honored For Teaching Excellence

May 4th, 2012 in News, News Spring 2012


In the photograph (L to R): Odile Cazenave (head of the French section), Sophia Mizouni, and W. Jeffrey Hughes, Associate Dean of the Graduate School.

In the photograph (L to R): Odile Cazenave (head of the French section), Sophia Mizouni, and W. Jeffrey Hughes, Associate Dean of the Graduate School.

Graduate student Sophia Mizouni was recognized by the Graduate School as an Outstanding Teaching Fellow for the Academic Year 2011-2012 and honored for teaching excellence at an end-of-semester GRS reception. Mizouni, who earned a degree in Landscape Architecture before embarking on her career in French language and literature, is researching depictions of the Parisian landscape in the 19th-century novel.

Teaching Fellows are a vital part of BU’s instructional program, CAS Dean Virginia Sapiro told the award-winning graduate students, “and you are the crème de la crème among Teaching Fellows.”

Mizouni’s coordinator Shelagh Hadley had high praise for her work. “A gifted teacher, Sophia has taught second year French at a consistently high level, engaging her students in innovative, creative ways. She makes  learning and using the French language interesting and rewarding… Her expectations are high, and her students respond positively… Open to different techniques and approaches and always willing to share her own classroom methodology, Sophia is a hardworking, generous, and imaginative colleague.”

News bulletin: Marta Villar and Alexis Ortiz

May 1st, 2012 in News, News Spring 2012

Marta Villar on “Soldados de Salamina”
Lecturer Marta Villar, a BU PhD, gave a talk at NECFL in Baltimore: Music & Image in “Soldados de Salamina,” showing how “feature-length film in the language classroom is a powerful tool for learning a language.” The talk analyzed a scene from the film, exploring “how music can actively shape the interpretation of camera shots” and “the meaning embedded in the non-verbal elements in the film.”

Alexis Ortiz and Roman Ingarden
Graduate student Alexis Ortiz is the author of “Las cualidades metafísicas en el pensamiento de Roman Ingarden” in Hermenéutica y recepción de la obra de arte literaria, Gloria Vergara/Ada Aurora Sánchez (coordinadoras). México: Praxis, 2011. pp 67-91.

Spring 2012 Graduate Student Presentations

April 25th, 2012 in News, News Spring 2012

No fewer than five members and graduates of the Department read papers at the Kentucky Foreign Language Conference, April 19-21. Our graduate Megan Gibbons, an Assistant Professor at Glenville State College, spoke on “Invisible-Mistress and Wife-Murder: Ana Caro’s Use of Parody in El conde Partinuplés.” Graduate student Alison Carberry gave a paper on “Doña Jimena to Doña Lambra, from Epic to romancero” and Peter Mahoney, one titled “Under the Microscope: A Close Rereading of the Siete Infantes de Lara.” Graduate student Carolina Castillo Larrea addressed “La función del autor-narrador en la novela sentimental española de los siglos XV y XVI.”  Prof. Irene Zaderenko, who is directing the doctoral dissertations of Carberry, Castillo Larrea, and Mahoney, explored “La Batalla de las Navas de Tolosa en la Estoria de Espanna alfonsí.”

Reading papers at the Carolina Conference on Romance Studies, organized this year and next by BU graduate Maria C. Fellie, now a UNC grad student, were Franca Roibal Fernández (““El bien contra el mal: cambio de perspectiva en Celda 211”) and Adel Faitaninho (“La realidad irreal que vincula los continentes: el realismo mágico en la literatura rusa y latinoamericana”). Prof. Christopher Maurer gave the Spanish keynote address: ““Snapshots, Proofs, and Lithographs: Some Spanish Poets in New York.”

Among other graduate students reading papers this year were Alexis Ortiz León, at the XVII Congreso de Literatura Mexicana (“La reina del sur y Breaking Bad: el narcotráfico como fuente de entretenimiento”) and Jeannette Ariane Ngabeu, at the African Literature Association (“Conflit des altérités: Africa in Third World Resistance”).

Rosanna Warren’s new book of poems featured on BU Today

January 26th, 2012 in Faculty, News, News Spring 2012

Rosanna Warren’s new book of poems, Ghost in a Red Hat, is featured on BU Today.