Professor James Iffland attends the inauguration ceremony of the new President of El Salvador

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June 30th, 2014

Prof. James Iffland was invited by the Ministry of Foreign Relations of El Salvador to attend the inauguration ceremony of the new President of El Salvador, Salvador Sánchez Cerén, on June 1, 2014.  The invitation came as recognition of his active role in supporting the large Salvadoran immigrant community in the Greater Boston area, largely through the “Voces Hispánicas/Hispanic Voices” initiative of the Department of Romance Studies.   Launched in 2010 and underwritten by Santander Universities Global Division, “Voces” has as one of its principal objectives not only the hosting of events that highlight the rich culture of the Spanish-speaking world (concerts, film series, readings by prominent authors, etc.) but promoting cultural and educational activities to support the Boston area’s growing Hispanic population.  Working with Salvadoran civic organizations as well as with the Consulate General of El Salvador, “Voces Hispánicas/Hispanic Voices” has supported projects ranging from adult literacy classes to  the creation of a folkloric dance group for Boston-area youths.