So Spoke Penelope by Tino Villanueva (A book review)

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November 1st, 2013


Lecturer Tino Villanueva began the semester with not only with a new language course based on the short story (LS307), but also with a new book of poems, reviewed in the current issue of Bostonia by Susan Seligson:

In her review of So Spoke Penelope, published by Grolier Poetry, Seligson quotes from the introduction by Nigerian poet Ifeanyi Menkiti:  Villanueva’s incandescent collection, ‘is a work many years in the making, a work indicative of hard-worn recognition on the poet’s part that the whole range of human experience is contained in Penelope at Ithaca.” These 32 poems, Seligson writes, form an “incanescent” collection: they “spill from one to the next and invite a second or third reading.”

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Villanueva review