How to Join

Interested in AFROTC? Your best source for general information is the AFROTC website.

High school students: If you believe you meet the eligibility requirements for scholarships, apply through the AFROTC website. Be sure to select one of our schools in your list of preferences. If you have specific questions for our detachment, you can call 617-353-4705  or send them directly to, subject line “Scholarship.”

College students: Please contact us at or 617-353-4705 to set-up an appointment (either in-person or on the phone).

For direct email inquiries, please include the following:

  1. Current grade level – specify high school or college
  2. College major, projected or current
  3. GPA – specify high school or college
  4. SAT or ACT score
  5. Year you expect to graduate from college
  6. US Citizenship Status
  7. Date of Birth