Award Set-Up Process

Sponsored Programs and Post Award Financial Operations are committed to achieving operational excellence and providing superior support to BU researchers. To further that goal, in August we launched an initiative to improve the award set-up process by reducing end-to-end processing time and increasing transparency and visibility regarding the status of new sponsored award actions in our research administration systems.

In-Progress Improvement Activities

  • Create a team of award set-up specialists, who work closely with Research Administrators but are focused solely on award processing and account creation.
  • Document a set of standard operating procedures related to award set-up.
  • Provide additional training to all staff involved in award processing.
  • Develop a method for tracking awards through the entire set-up lifecycle, from receipt to PI account notification, to measure improvement.
  • Publish current metrics on award set-up cycle times as well as track the status of outstanding account set-ups.

Where’s my Award?

Please click here to access an up-to-date list of all awards currently being processed by OSP and PAFO, including information on status within the award set-up lifecycle. This list will be updated every business day between 3 and 5PM. A BU user ID and Kerberos password is required to access this information.

Metrics: Task Force Set-Up Cycle Times in Work Days (OSP Received Date to Award Notification Date)

Overall Performance for September 2014
Transaction Type Set-Ups Completed Overall Average Overall Median Overall Range (Low/High) Average “Hold” Days
Advance Account 31 5.1 4.0 1.0/13.0 0.3
New/Renewal 102 6.8 5.5 1.0/33.0 1.8
Continuation/ Increment/ Supplement 84 6.6 6.0 1.0/22.0 1.3
No Cost Extension 17 6.1 5.0 2.0/20.0 0.5
Other Transactions 35 7.1 6.0 2.0/29.0 1.9
Grand Total 269 6.5 5.0 1.0/33.0 1.4
Overall Task Force Volume and Progress (Monthly Snapshot)
Transaction Type Set-Ups Completed Overall Average Overall Median Total Current Volume
Advance Account 3 31 28 0
New/Renewal 29 102 87 14
Continuation/ Increment/ Supplement 30 84 61 7
No Cost Extension 5 17 16 4
Other Transactions 12 35 28 5
Unassigned 0 0 21 21
Grand Total 79 269 241 51

“Cycle Times” is the amount of time lapsed (in business days) between the date the Award Document arrives in OSP, and the date the Account Notification is sent to the Principal Investigator.

“Hold Days” represent the number of days a set-up transaction is on-hold in OSP because additional follow-up is necessary on the part of the PI or department in order to proceed with the account set-up. For example, an award may go “On Hold” if OSP must request a detailed budget from the PI/Unit.