The Boston University Research Occupational Health Program makes many of the forms used as part of its medical surveillance program available on-line through the ROHP website. The forms are in Microsoft Word format and can be downloaded and saved on your local hard drive or other storage devices to be completed.

How do I access these new forms?

These forms can be downloaded from the ROHP website in the Forms section under “Questionnaires” and can be saved on your local hard drive or other storage device. When completed, the form(s) should be sent to ROHP either by email to or faxed to the ROHP secure electronic fax number 617-977-8788.  

The ROHP medical staff will review your questionnaire(s) and contact you if additional information, testing, immunizations or a clinic visit is required. ROHP staff will contact you directly to schedule an appointment for you to visit us at the ROHP Clinic located on the medical campus in the Evans Building at 72 E. Concord Street, 8th floor, room 825. 

Many of the forms request personal health information which is needed to establish a baseline medical history for those persons performing research or supporting research. To protect the privacy of your medical information, these questionnaires should be sent directly to ROHP and should not be shared with your supervisor, manager, colleagues or HR representative.