RISCS Seminar on Practical Security: Carrie Cramer and Amit Sinha

Monday, July 21, 2014
Location: PHO 339

Talk 1
Title: Cybersecurity Threats in Autonomous Cars

Speaker/Bio: Carrie Cramer is an undergraduate student of Computer Engineering at BU.

Abstract: Autonomous (driverless) vehicle technology has the potential to provide many benefits to the public, such as reducing accidents caused by human error, improving traffic efficiency, and giving more independence to the elderly and disabled. Many cars currently available to the public have some semi-autonomous features, and the progress of Google’s driverless car development shows that fully autonomous vehicles will be on the market in the very near future. This presentation will discuss some possible cybersecurity threats that will arise with the development of autonomous cars, as presented in a paper titled Cyber-security challenges of Agent Technology in Intelligent Transportation Systems, by Sarah Schulz Mukisa and Awais Rashid.

Talk 2
Title: Automatic Malware Detection with Machine Learning
Speaker/Bio: Amit Sinha is graduate student in Computer Engineering at BU. Research interests include Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing.

Abstract: Despite the substantial increase in Malware complexity over the last 30 years, the required knowledge for deploying Malware has in turn dropped due to the availability of Malware creation tool-kits. These tool-kits make it easy to modify existing Malware and thus contribute to the trend of “automatic Malware generation”. This presentation will discuss how to use machine learning techniques to efficiently categorize a set of program samples to respond to this trend and automatize Malware detection.

References: • Hu, Xin, Kang G. Shin, Sandeep Bhatkar, and Kent Griffin. “MutantX-S: Scalable Malware Clustering Based on Static Features.” In USENIX Annual Technical Conference, pp. 187-198. 2013.

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