Information Systems Security Analyst, AVP

Corporate Information Security – Job Description
Information Systems Security Analyst, AVP
Job Code: IT 1221

The Corporate Information Security team is managed by State Street’s Chief Information Security Officer and consists of approximately 20 people located in North Quincy, Massachusetts. The group’s charter revolves around 7 programmatic Information Security cornerstones, encompassing:
1) Policies
2) Measurement of controls effectiveness
3) Risk Reviews
4) Information Security Risk Management
5) Vendor Management
6) Education and Awareness
7) Customer and business support
Currently the team is overseen by two senior managers each reporting directly to the CISO

Entry level Information security analyst focused on identifying, gathering, analyzing, and reporting of key information security/ risk indicators. The candidate must be able to leverage his/her understanding and analysis of the key data points to produce meaningful reports to be used to drive business value via the promotion of changes in business and information technology operations that improve security, lower cost and enrich the quality of the company’s processing environment.
Leverage models, data bases and spreadsheets to create management reports used to illustrate risk relevance gleaned from statistical and correlated data.
Ensure work is completed within budget and on schedule.
Qualified candidates enjoy a fast paced work environment with many time deadlines and have an interest in Information Security in the financial sector. The successful candidate will demonstrate:
• The ability to work with a reasonable level of guidance and be a self-starter
• Excellent teamwork
• Strong analytic skills / Systems thinking
• Good communication skills
• Ability to learn quickly and work on multiple projects concurrently
• A strong penchant for driving processes through to completion
A Bachelor’s Degree is required. An understanding of the concepts of LEAN and/or Six Sigma is beneficial. An understanding of key infrastructure technologies such as Active Directory, UNIX, Open systems, Emails, and other platforms is a plus.

Key Responsibilities
This position will affect the operation of a programmatic cornerstone; Measurement of controls effectiveness. Day to day responsibilities include:
• Perform identification, quantification and research for business cases to be provided to Sr. Management, recommending mitigation of Information Systems risks and vulnerabilities for the Corporation
• Acquire information security metrics, implement models that leverage metrics data to provide business value
• Support and maintain Enterprise-wide Information Security programs that maintain State Street as a market leader
• Respond to management to provide Information Systems Security recommendations in support of business strategies and goals