Taking a Course

Please note: Before taking any training courses on RIMS, you must register (once) for a Training Profile.  Once that is done, follow these instructions to use RIMS to register for a training course:


Registering for an In-Person course:

  1. To register for an in-person course, find it in the list, and use the dropdown to select the date you would like to attend.
  2. Two new buttons will now appear: “Register” and “Class Info”.
  3. Register: Select this to register for the course.  Fill out all the information, and click “Save Changes” to finalize your registration.  Note that you can use this to register someone else for the course.
  4. Class Info:  Gives you more information about the class.

Taking an Online course:

  1. Click on “Take the Course” to view the course materials
  2. Click on “Test” to take the quiz that  follows the course.


After you’ve completed a course:

  1. If you successfully complete a course, this will be shown with a link in the “Last Completed” column for that course.  You can click on the link to print out your certificate of completion.
  2. The due date column shows when your training record for a specific course expires and you must take it again.