PI Registration

Principal Investigators Only: Register for RIMS using this form.  Please note that you may already have a RIMS PI account, even if you have never used it.  Therefore, we recommend you try to Login first, and submit the form only if you are unable to log in or upon log-in only see available training courses (i.e., you only have a Training Profile).

Please note, if you work in a lab but are not a Principal Investigator, you can register for your own Training Profile but must have your PI give you access to their RIMS PI Profile via the “RIMS Access” feature.  To do so, your PI must log in to his/her RIMS account and use the RIMS Access feature.

For help on the RIMS Access feature, please see the help file

TRAINING: If you are not a PI but are looking to register for one of the RIMS training courses and do not already have a RIMS Training Profile, please click the “Training Registration” link to the right.

Comments or Questions? Please use this form