Graduate Students

For Graduate Students:

1.   Sharing a room at the Buckminster is one good way to secure highly convenient, relatively affordable lodging.

2.    We are also working to come up with Boston University and Harvard graduate students who may be willing to offer a couch or extra bed in their own apartments to those students coming from Europe. Students interested in this possibility should communicate their interest (in English or French) to Lillie Webb at, preferably by April 20, 2011. Free accommodation of this kind is not guaranteed (we recommend the hostel, below, as a backup), but we will do what we can.

3.     In the meantime, the Hostel International in Boston offers simple, clean accommodation at very low rates. It is located about 1.5 km from the BU conference rooms (easy subway travel).

Hostel International – 12 Hemenway St., Boston, MA 02115

Hostel International offers large dormitory-style rooms with 6 bunk beds each and a few small private rooms with 2 twin-sized beds. Bathrooms are shared. There are a common area, laundry facilities, and a helpful staff on hand to assist you with your exploration of the city during your stay.

Rates for individuals: ca. $30–40/person/night for dorm-style rooms.  $110/night for private rooms (2 beds). These rates do not include tax or the $3/person membership fee.


Visit, call (617) 536-9455, or email  To book as a group, email