Department Value Statements

On Approachability

We foster an environment where students feel comfortable interacting with our Residence Life staff.

On Availability

We are accessible and visible to students, parents and the entire campus community year-round, twenty-four hours a day.

On Care

We provide a nurturing network that supports students’ well-being.

On Civility & Respect

We cultivate community based on dignity for all individuals.

On Collaboration

We build partnerships with our colleagues and members of the surrounding community.

On Community

We encourage the development of a common bond and affinity amongst students in their residential environments.

On Creativity

We support innovative ideas by facilitating thoughtful expression of experiences and knowledge.

On Diversity

We acknowledge students’ backgrounds and experiences add richness and depth to our community.

On Empathy

We recognize that understanding others and showing compassion fosters student growth and development.

On Engagement

We bring students together to provide opportunities for meaningful involvement.

On Inclusion

We ensure that students are treated fairly, fostering an environment where students are able to explore and form their own identities.

On Integrity

We expect students to be honest and adhere to moral and ethical principles, upholding community standards.

On Leadership

We afford an array of leadership opportunities to prepare students to successfully navigate a global society.

On Learning

We have high regard for learning that challenges students towards their development.

On Professionalism

We believe that all staff need to perform at the highest level of ethical conduct, standards, and guidelines set by our field.

On Responsiveness

We value quick and thorough responses to the needs of our community members.

On Safety

We promote an atmosphere and actions that keep individuals and campus communities away from unnecessary harm.

On Teamwork

We actively collaborate with students and colleagues to actualize our mission.