Upper Commonweath Avenue

Meg White

Assistant Director of Residence Life for Upper Commonwealth Ave.
p. 617-358-5800

Meg WhiteI have never lived outside of Massachusetts, but I’ve resided all over the state (Norwell, Wellfleet, Amherst, and Boston, to name a few of the towns). I completed my Master of Education at Suffolk University in 1998 and started working at BU shortly after that. I enjoy traveling and my favorite city in the world is Paris. People get jealous because my brother lives in Perth, Australia, and I visit there every couple of years. In college I was a DJ and listening to music is still one of my favorite pastimes. If you have a new band to share, stop by my office and play them for me!

Hugh Kim

Residence Hall Director, 10 Buick Street
p. 617-358-3000

Hugh KimI was born in Antelope Valley, California—I never saw one antelope there. Most of my childhood was spent in Northridge, which is known for earthquakes—I remember many of those. I have also lived in Colorado Springs and Littleton, Colorado, throughout high school and the beginning of college. Since transferring to BU as a student (an undisclosed number of years ago), Boston and BU have been my home. I have worked and lived in several buildings on campus but currently live in 10 Buick Street. I can be found biking around the city or playing pick-up hockey at Walter Brown Arena. I enjoy traveling in the summer and have made three cross-country road trips—camping, hiking, biking, and visiting friends and family along the way.

Ben Champney

Residence Hall Director, 33 Harry Agganis Way
p. 617-358-5800

Ben ChampneyYears ago, I joined Boston University’s Residence Life team as a Resident Assistant in Warren Towers. After two exciting years as an RA without ethernet or cable TV, I graduated from the College of Arts & Sciences with fond memories of the day David Letterman visited C Tower. After volunteering in East Africa for a number of years doing much more than raising indigenous chicken, I returned to Warren Towers to serve as a Senior RA while completing my Master of Divinity at the School of Theology. I have worked full-time in Residence Life in a number of areas across campus, but I currently enjoy serving the community in 33 Harry Agganis Way. My interests include tinkering with electronics, cross-cultural interactions, spending time with my family, and exploring Boston’s historic nooks and crannies.

Jason Grochowalski

Residence Hall Director, 1019 Commonwealth Avenue
p. 617-353-8822

Jason GrochowalskiI came to Boston University after spending close to two years in the state of South Carolina working as a Residence Life and Student Conduct Coordinator. I grew up in western Massachusetts, attended UMass Amherst for my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and spent time working for Duke University and Newberry College (in South Carolina). I love spending time with family, being active (hiking/mountain biking/golfing/skiing/ice fishing/etc.), and I’m a huge San Francisco 49ers fan! Here are some things you might not know about me: I have four older brothers; I earned the highest GPA on my college football team as well as All Academic honors; I have a weakness for cookies; I donate blood regularly; I got a hole-in-one in golf; I do crossfit and for those of you in-the-know, I completed a Spartan Beast Race (12+ mile obstacle course) last year. I’m here to ensure that you have the best experience possible. I’m always very invested in my students and I will be here to continually challenge and support you. My door is always open, come by anytime!