Use this form if you want to share confidential information or discuss an invention with others outside of BU, especially before a patent application has been filed or while it remains unpublished. This is critical to maintain patent filing rights, especially in most foreign countries. Providing complete and accurate information will help the Office of Sponsored Programs negotiate and prepare a CDA that will facilitate your project and comply with the policies of BU including BU’s Open Access Policy. See: Export Control


Please complete the information and questionnaire below. Optional fields are marked. All other fields are required.
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You can Save a copy of the form at any time using the Save button and complete the form at a later time.
Submit the form by clicking on the Submit button and following the prompts. This will send a copy of the form to OSP via your normal email. Please note, the Submit process will not work until all required fields are filled out.

Sponsored Programs will confirm receipt and review the form and initiate the CDA process. (Please contact Sponsored Programs if you do not receive a confirmation within 3 business days)

Please contact Sponsored Programs at (617) 353-6151 or if you have any questions.

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