As part of NSF’s ongoing IT modernization effortThe term Effort is used for persons charged to Sponsored Res... More The Directorate for Biological Sciences (BIO) will be implementing a requirement for submission of full proposals via or for a number of program solicitations representing the set of BIO solicitations that accept proposal submission at any time (i.e. have no deadlines), effective in calendar year 2020. The Proposal Submission System improves the user experience while also reducing administrative burden through an intuitive interface and is built on flexible system architecture with the ability to meet both users’ changing needs and emerging government requirements.

This is a first phase in an eventual shift to require all proposals be submitted via or

See NSF Dear Colleague Letter (NSF 20-129) for complete information on these changes including the following:

  • BIO Programs with solicitations migrating from FastLane to (Revised solicitations will be published)
  • 90-day grace period, during which solicitations will still be allowed through FastLane
  • Additional information including Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), video tutorials and future webinars and presentations


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