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The Office of the Vice President and Associate Provost for Research is committed to supporting BU faculty in their research endeavors. The following presentations, workshops, and events are sponsored by the Office to provide information and advice and generate discussion and collaboration. Please check back frequently for updates on upcoming events, as well as after events for related materials, videos, and announcements.

Research on Tap: Discover how your work is part of the conversation

We are excited to announce another year of “Research on Tap” events. These gatherings, each organized by a different faculty member, bring together groups of BU researchers focused on a specific topic. Each participant presents a three-minute micro-talk on his/her work. Attend these wine and cheese receptions to network with your colleagues and perhaps meet your next research collaborator. Please note: “Research on Tap” events are for faculty, staff, graduate students, and postdoctoral scholars.

Current Research on Autism at Boston University: From Cells to Society

Thursday, November 1, 2018 | 4-6 pm
Photonics Colloquium Room
8 St. Mary’s Street | 9th Floor

Hosted by Helen Tager-Flusberg, Professor, Psychological & Brain Sciences, CAS, and Director, Center for Autism Research Excellence

In the last two decades rates of autism diagnoses have risen exponentially. Scientists at Boston University were at the forefront of research into the pathophysiology of this enigmatic neurodevelopmental disorder even before the current wave of interest. Now, work on both campuses spans the full spectrum of disciplines working toward advancing our understanding of the causes and neural mechanisms that underlie the core and associated symptoms, moving the needle on earlier screening and more precise diagnosis, optimizing clinical care in the community, and improving the lives of individuals with autism and their families. During this event we will hear from experts whose work addresses these key topics.


Understanding and Forecasting Change in Our Natural World

Wednesday, November 7, 2018 | 4-6 pm
Law Tower, Barristers Hall
765 Commonwealth Avenue

Hosted by Michael Dietze, Associate Professor, Earth & Environment, CAS

As society increasingly faces unprecedented environmental challenges, ecologists are being asked to provide the best available scientific information about future events. The field of ecological forecasting connects data and models to project our current understanding of ecological processes into new places and times. Attend this Research on Tap to find out how BU researchers are working to build a forecast capacity and leverage existing ecological data to understand and manage the world around us.


Re-Engineering Life: Tissue Engineering in Health and the Environment

Wednesday, November 28, 2018 | 4-6 pm
Rajen Kilachand Center for Integrated Life Sciences & Engineering
Howard Eichenbaum Colloquium Room
610 Commonwealth Avenue

Hosted by Thomas Bifano, Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and Materials Science & Engineering, ENG; and Director, Photonics Center; and Christopher Chen, Professor, Biomedical Engineering and Materials Science & Engineering, ENG

Tissue engineering aims to restore, maintain, and improve damaged tissues or whole organs. BU researchers are working to understand the interactions between cells and their surroundings, combining emerging and traditional technologies to identify cell function and guide cell and tissue growth. Attend this Research on Tap to learn more about BU’s research in engineering artificial tissues and building hybrid biological/artificial devices for medical and other applications.


Understanding and Improving our Urban Climate

Monday, January 28, 2019 | 4-6 pm
Florence and Chafetz Hillel House
Bay State & Castle Rooms
213 Bay State Rd

Hosted by Lucy Hutyra, Co-Director, Urban Climate Research Initiative, and Associate Professor, Earth & Environment, CAS; and Patrick Kinney, Co-Director, Urban Climate Research Initiative, and Beverly A. Brown Professor for the Improvement of Urban Health, Environmental Health, SPH

By mid-century, seven of every ten people are projected to reside in an urban area. The concentration of infrastructure, fossil fuel emissions, and people make cities the epicenter for both climate impacts and solutions. This session highlights the new Urban Climate Research Initiative working to galvanize faculty from across the university to advance our basic scientific understanding and improve the health and livability of our cities. In this session, hosted by Lucy Hutyra, Associate Professor, Earth & Environment, CAS, and Patrick Kinney, Professor, Environmental Health, faculty from across the University discuss their research on the physical, biological, chemical, social, and policy aspects of our urban climate.


Coastal Cities, People, and Waterways

Monday, February 4, 2019 | 4-6 pm
Photonics Colloquium Room, 9th Floor
8 St. Mary’s Street

Hosted by Tony Janetos, Director, Frederick S. Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future; and Professor, Earth & Environment, CAS

The world’s river basins and coastal cities are directly influenced by the people who live, work, and play on the water and in the surrounding landscapes. This session will feature brief presentations by BU faculty whose research focuses on some aspect of the interactions between people and waterways and coastal cities in various geographies. From the Amazon Basin to Southeast Asia and Indonesia to coastal New England, BU researchers are working to better understand the important, intrinsic connections and mutual influences between humans and inland waterways and urban areas on the coast.


The American City: Promoting Inclusion or Sowing Division?

Wednesday, February 27, 2019 | 4-6 pm
Kilachand Center
610 Commonwealth Ave.

Hosted by the Initiative on Cities.

U.S. cities are places of tremendous diversity that can provide paths to prosperity, promote inclusion and improve well-being. Yet cities must also confront a countervailing narrative as they continue to struggle with discrimination, segregation, addiction and violence. The American City brings together scholars from across Boston University devoted to the study of urban populations, policies and leadership. They will share their latest comparative research on the benefits and consequences of housing, health, public safety, education and inclusion policies and priorities.


High Tech and High Touch: Digital Innovations from BU’s Mobile and Electronic Health-ARC

Wednesday, March 20, 2019 | 4-6 pm
Trustee Ballroom
1 Silber Way, 9th Floor

Hosted by Belinda Borrelli, Professor, Health Policy & Health Services Research, and Director, Center for Behavioral Science Research, SDM; and Director and PI, Mobile and Electronic Health-ARC

Mobile and Electronic Health provides an unprecedented opportunity to prevent, assess, inform, and treat health behaviors across large segments of the population. Platforms include text messaging, apps, wearables, sensors, social media, gaming, virtual reality and robotics.  The benefits of mHealth interventions include their availability and accessibility, cost-effective delivery, scalability, ability to personalize and tailor content, facilitation of patient-provider communication, coordination of patient care across systems, and provision of evidenced-based treatment in real-time and in real-world settings. The mission of the Mobile & Electronic Health ARC (ME-ARC) is to conduct transdisciplinary research and training in mobile and electronic health to improve health across the lifespan, particularly among the most vulnerable populations. The ME-ARC is comprised of a PI/Director (Belinda Borrelli), two Co-Directors (Lisa Quintiliani, Tibor Palfai), a steering committee, an external advisory board, trainees, and over 100 member affiliates across numerous schools at Boston University. Steering committee members have expertise in: implementation science, behavioral science, medicine, informatics/bioinformatics, software development, health literacy, engineering, and global health.  Since January 2016, the ME-ARC has hosted invited speakers at monthly seminars, held yearly symposiums, and funded and conducted pilot projects. The ME-ARC coalesces mobile health resources and researchers at Boston University. This Research on Tap will highlight some of the many innovative projects in mobile and electronic health at Boston University.


Research “How-To’s”

Lights. Camera. Action: Broadcast Interview Tips & Tricks

November 8, 2018 | 1-2:30 pm
Bay State and Castle Rooms
Florence & Chafetz Hillel House
213 Bay State Road

Less than comfortable speaking on live TV or radio? You are not alone. However, learning how to present yourself on camera and during an interview, is key to communicating your expertise and increasing visibility for your research. Join your colleagues for a panel discussion about the broadcast industry, how it has grown beyond TV and radio to include podcasts and social media, where to look for media opportunities, and how to ace your next on-air interview.

In this session, you will hear from faculty members about their experience as interviewees as well as from producers, journalists, and public relations professionals about the difference between print and broadcast interviews, the power of broadcast in elevating research and thought-leadership, and how to best prepare for each type of interview. You’ll come away from the discussion with the ability to evaluate broadcast opportunities strategically and engage in interviews with confidence.

Campus Visit with Dr. Thomas Zurbuchen, Head of NASA’s Science Mission

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Dr. Thomas Zurbuchen, Associate Administrator for the Science Mission Directorate at NASA, will visit Boston University on Dec. 4 to discuss NASA’s funding priorities and learn more about BU’s research partnerships with the agency. The Office of Research and Federal Relations invites faculty, postdoctoral scholars, and students who would like to meet with Dr. Zurbuchen to communicate their interest.

For a full listing of research-related events taking place throughout BU, please view our calendar.