Research at Boston University


Death of a Theory

Kenneth Lane finds a new direction after retiring an old theory.

Dead Man Walking

Robert Pinsky translates an 18th century German play for modern American audiences.

The Measure of a Muon

Steve Ahlen on fine-tuning a LHC detector.

Unfinished Business

Sheldon Glashow moves beyond the Standard Model.

Audio Magic

Joshua Fineberg uses music to create intersections between art and technology.

A Literary Life in Letters

Exploring the life of Thomas Moore, in his own words.

Preserving a Shared History

Diana Wylie studies the preservation of public space in Morocco.

Education at Home and Abroad

Studying the value of an online education.

Making It Big with Little Machines

David Bishop is developing a new technique for manufacturing devices at the nanoscale.

A Different Kind of Danger

Sexual assault in the military and its effects on men and women returning from service.

Ancient Interpretations

Deeana Klepper tracks the cultural intersections between Christians and Jews in medieval Europe.

The Physics of Fractions

Studying low energy particles brought to near absolute zero temperature.

Arts that Endure

Fostering the arts at Boston University.

What We Look For

Raising questions about what and how we see when we visit museums and galleries.