Research at Boston University

BU Joins AAU


BU Joins AAU

University becomes the 62nd member of the elite research organization.

Portrait of a Ponzi Scheme

Tamar Frankel examines the fine line between trust and gullibility.

Language on the Brink

Documenting a dying language in Cameroon.

BU Astronomers Take a Giant Step Forward

Viewing the heavens through a powerful new telescope.

Cinéma Vérité

Exposing a justice system that leaves vulnerable women and children at risk.

Always Sunny in Space

Studying the impact of solar flares on the Earth.

Sound Solutions

Developing a cheap and easy-to-use way to track whale migration patterns.

Measuring the Ionosphere of Mars

Paul Withers utilizes data from the Curiosity landing to study Mars's outer atmosphere.

Fine Print

Deborah Cornell combines traditional and digital methods to create her fine art prints.

An Unlikely Ally

Using bacteria to fight West Nile virus and eastern equine encephalitis.

Reading the Clues in Galaxy Clusters

Discoveries in a galaxy far, far away.

Growing Honors

BU invites the highest-performing incoming freshmen to take part in its honors program.

Two New Associate Provosts Named

BU brings in top candidates as associate provosts for undergraduate and graduate affairs.