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Photography and Image Credits Principal photography by Boston University Photography:
Vernon Doucette, Melody Komyerov, Cydney Scott, Kalman Zabarsky

Additional images Photos courtesy of Christopher Maurer
Photo of Ajami manuscript courtesy of Fallou Ngom
Photos courtesy of Rachel Eden Black
Photo of wind farm from Fotolia, Laudanum
Photos by Buzz Maxey, courtesy of Mitchell Zuckoff
Image of a page from Margaret Hastings’s diary courtesy of the Tioga County Historical Society
Historical photos courtesy of Earl Walter
Images courtesy of Merav Opher
Photo of Martian atmosphere from NASA Images, courtesy of Paul Withers
Photo of solar flare from NASA Images, courtesy of Jeffrey Hughes
Photo of the Discovery Channel Telescope by Mike Beckage/Lowell Observatory, courtesy of Thomas Vitron/Lowell Observatory
Image courtesy of Elizabeth Blanton
Photos 1 and 2 of cells by Laertis Ikonomou, courtesy of Darrell Kotton
Photo 3 of liver cells by Andrew Wilson
Photos by Richard Howard, courtesy of Richard Primack
Photo by Karen C. Seto, courtesy of Robert Kaufmann
Photo from iStockphoto
Photo by Goran Tomasevic/Reuters/licensed by Corbis
Photo of lettuce pickers by Charles O’Rear, licensed by Wikimedia Commons
Photo of schoolchildren licensed by Wikimedia Commons
Photos of performance in Lima, Peru, courtesy of André de Quadros
Images courtesy of Deborah Cornell
Illustration by Jordi Elias/Illustration Works/Corbis
Photo courtesy of Garland Waller
Photo courtesy of Glynn Holt
Photos of Cameroon fieldwork courtesy of Catherine O’Connor
Photos of fly and mosquito ovary courtesy of Horacio Frydman

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