1. Medicine at the Margins
    1. Medicine at the Margins
    2. Where the Heart Is
    3. Virtual Worlds, Real Gains
    4. Facts and Legal Fictions
    5. Show, Don't Tell
    6. A Passion for Public Health
  2. Brave New (Media) World
    1. Brave New (Media) World
    2. Hoping for the Best, Preparing for the Worst
    3. Inbox Inundation
    4. TMI Index
    5. The Face-Time Continuum
  3. Building Smarter Machines
    1. Building Smarter Machines
    2. Machines That Can Multitask
    3. The Long Way Home
    4. The Math Behind Vision
    5. Model Aircraft
    6. A Hearing Aid That Listens to the Brain
  4. Make It New: Europe and America Between the Wars
    1. Make It New: Europe and America Between the Wars
    2. The Way We Were (and Weren't)
    3. Qui est in, qui est out?
    4. The New New Typography
    5. Reimagining Imagism
    6. Coincidence, Chiasmus, Connection
  5. The Road to Recovery
    1. The Road to Recovery
    2. The Dark Side of Dieting
    3. No Quick Fix
    4. A Ticking Clock
    5. Tying It All Together

Medicine at the Margins

The art and science of meeting people where they are

guy in a fedora and gray suit

Participants in Christine Helfrich’s life skills intervention study, including Bill, foreground, and George, gain and share useful knowledge and practical tips about how to stay housed and live healthy lives.

With the largest safety-net hospital in New England, and a long history of outreach and engagement, Boston University is truly an institution dedicated to serving the community, both in Boston and around the world. Now, as universal health care stands at the forefront of the national political discourse, researchers are using novel strategies to connect with patient populations that have been overlooked and underestimated in the past, including low-income mothers, individuals reentering society after life on the streets, black women with uncontrolled diabetes, and people with intellectual disabilities.