Translational Research

Boston University offers a rich source of research, intellectual property, proprietary know-how, and novel methodologies. These “assets” often have tremendous commercial value if appropriately evaluated and supported. However, new venture creation can be confusing for those unfamiliar with the process. As a result, we offer our faculty, students, and staff these unique services:

Technology Development
Translates the BU community’s ideas into useful products and services

Business Incubation
Hosts up to 15 technology start-up companies. The mix of companies includes Life Sciences, Bio-tech, Medical Devices, Photonics, Clean Energy, and Engineering.

Kindle Mentoring Program
Allows seasoned entrepreneurs and business executives to have direct and meaningful interaction with the BU community

Center for Integration of Medicine & Innovative Technology
Brings together clinicians, scientists, and engineers to solve complex medical problems using novel technologies

Clinical & Translational Science Institute
Translates discoveries into therapies and cures more quickly and effectively, from lab bench to patient bedside and back

Coulter Translational Partnership Program
Promotes, develops, and supports translational research collaborations between biomedical engineers and clinicians in order to accelerate the successful translation of appropriate innovations to improve patient care

Fraunhofer Center for Manufacturing Innovation
Conducts advanced research and development leading to engineering solutions for a broad range of industries, including biotechnology/biomedical, photonics, manufacturing, and renewable energy