My Grant Expenses

My Grant Expenses is a reporting tool that has been developed specifically for Principal Investigators to provide a consolidated, easy-to-access view of budget and expenditure data for grants in his or her portfolio.

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Key Features

The report provides three levels of data storage on a single webpage:

  1. A summary of all grants in a PI’s portfolio
  2. A summary of expenses by budget category for each grant
  3. Detailed expenditure information for a grant as elected by the PI

The report data displayed is identical to the data available in the BUWorks Business Warehouse faculty grants reports, but presented in a consolidated and enhanced display.

The report data can be viewed on the screen or exported to Excel for further analysis.

Report Access

The reporting tool is available to any PI or Co-PI; simply log in using the link above, and any grant on which you are listed as a PI or Co-PI will be displayed.

This report is a consolidated view of data developed specifically for PIs. It is not intended for use by anyone with access to a department-wide portfolio, such as a department or central administrator. Those with broader department-level access should continue to use the Business Warehouse Budget to Actual reports where more comprehensive data is available.

If you would like to allow another individual, such as a lab assistant or postdoc, to use this reporting tool to view data on a specific grant in your portfolio ask your BUWorks Department Security Administrator (DSA) to create a ticket requesting Other Authorized Viewer (OAV) access for that person.

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