CIMIT: Lecture Series – Profiles in Innovation

CIMIT announces a new and exciting lecture series “Profiles in Innovation.”

The first lecture will be held on April 23rd by Dr. James Gordon.
Please pass the word to staff, trainees and students.

CIMIT Series:  Profiles in Innovation
As Accessible as a Book on a Library Shelf:
The Imperative of Routine Simulation in Modern Health Care
James A. Gordon, MD, MPA

Topic: Technology-enhanced patient simulation has emerged as an important new modality for teaching and learning in medicine. In particular, immersive simulation platforms that replicate the clinical environment promise to revolutionize medical education by enabling an enhanced level of safety, standardization, and efficiency across health-care training. Such an experiential approach seems unique in reliably catalyzing a level of emotional engagement that fosters immediate and indelible learning and allows for increasingly reliable levels of performance evaluation—all in a completely risk-free environment. As such, medical simulation is poised to emerge as a critical component of training and certification throughout health care, promising to fundamentally enhance quality and safety across disciplines. (Gordon JA. As Accessible as a Book on a Library Shelf: The Imperative of Routine Simulation in Modern Health Care, Chest 2012;141;12-16).


Speaker: James A. Gordon, MD, MPA, is Director of the Learning Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital, and Chief of the Division of Medical Simulation in the Hospital’s Department of Emergency Medicine. He also directs the Gilbert Program in Medical Simulation at Harvard Medical School, and co-founded the Institute for Medical Simulation at the Center for Medical Simulation in Boston. Dr. Gordon was principal investigator and national co-chair of the first federally-funded research consensus conference on medical simulation, and served as a founding board member of the international Society for Simulation in Healthcare.

Date:            Tuesday, April 23, 2013
Time:           5:00 to 6:00 pm
Location:      Paul Russell Museum of Medical History and Innovation
Massachusetts General Hospital
2 North Grove Street, Boston, 2nd floor
(Corner of Cambridge & North Grove Streets)
Phone: 617-724-8009