Monitoring Change in Temperate Coniferous Forest Ecosystems

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A LANDSAT 7 Science Team Research Project

Principal Investigators: Dr. Curtis Woodcock

Participants: Dr. Sucharita Gopal, Dr. Mary Pax-Lenney, Scott A. Macomber, and Dr. John Collins

Graduate Students: Conghe Song

Sponsors: NASA: Grant NAS5-3439

Duration: October 1996 – ongoing

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Project Summary:

Monitoring change in terrestial ecosystems is fundamental to an understanding of global change. Changes in temperate conifer forests result from both anthropogenic and natural causes.These changes in turn influence many other processes significant ot understanding the earth as a system, including biosphere/atmosphere interactions, biogeochemical cycles, and hydrology.

Monitoring of change in temperate conferous forest ecosystems requires the combination of spatial and spectral resolution available from the Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM).

In this project we are developing and implementing methods of monitoring change globally in temperate conifer forest ecosystems. This effort will be integrated into the EOS global monitoring effort by coordination with the MODIS-based land cover change product. Eventually, the MODIS product will be used to identify areas of significant change, and then the finer spatial resolution of the Landsat data will allow us to determine the nature and magnitude of the change.

Project Data:

This Area will soon have both raw and processed data from fieldwork and Landsat TM images, thumb-nail images from Landsat, results of our ongoing investigations and summaries of research papers.

Pacific Northwest: Oregon and Southern Washington

northwest composite

Rocky Mountain Region: Colorado: Landsat TM Path-Row Location Maps

Sierra Nevada: California