Groundwater Potential of the Red Sea Province, Sudan

Principal Investigators: Dr. Farouk El-Baz

Co-Investigator/Graduate Student: Dr. Magaly Koch, Boston University Department of Earth Sciences

Collaborating Organization: BCI Geonetics, Incorporated personnel

Sponsors: U.S. Agency for International Development for joint work by the Sudanese Company for Water and Economic Development, Ltd. and BCI Geonetics, Inc.

Duration: 1989 1990

Project Summary:

Through the use of meteorological data, space photography, digital Landsat data, and Thematic Maps, this project assessed the possible presence of groundwater throughout eastern Sudanese area of the Red Sea. The project was proposed and carried out in support of a project entitled “New Water and Prosperity in the Red Sea Province: A Socio-Economic Feasibility and Geophysical Exploration Feasibility Programme.”

Climactic data, particularly rainfall patterns in the region, was of significant importance to the project. In addition, satellite data was obtained and scrutinized via both manned and unmanned mission photography. The potential recharge of deep fracture aquifers was studied through meteorological data, and the Large Format Camera offered stereoscopic coverage of the region. (BCI Geonetics allowed El-Baz and Koch access to the LFC photographs.)