center pictureThe center is equipped with servers and Sun and Dell workstations. The main server is a Linux-based server-storage system – a Dell Opteron with 6 Gb of RAM and 5 Tb of storage. Researchers have access to ten Sun Workstations – nine Sun Ultra 10s and one Sun Ultra 1 – along with 5 Dell Precision workstations for applications requiring Windows. In addition to these in-house facilities, researchers and students have access to the Center for Excellence in Remote Sensing laboratory, which houses three Sun servers and thirteen Windows workstations.

Image processing software includes PCI Geomatica, ENVI, ERDAS Imagine, IDL and Image Processing Workbench (IPW).  Geographic Information Systems software includes ARCINFO, ARCGIS, GRASS and the SPLUS statistical package.  Space is available on several servers for storing image files and map sets used in the center’s applications software.